Cancer Awareness Rally 2024

Gravity Rally 4th Annual Cancer Awareness Rally

The Gravity Rally family is proud to be hosting our 4th Annual Cancer Awareness Rally with American Cancer Society. This incredible event unites luxury cars, suvs, trucks, and exotic vehicles for the FIGHT AGAINST CANCER! This event is not just driving, but adventures remembered for a lifetime. This event unites people to share memories and stories of people who've beaten cancer, lost a loved one to cancer, or truly want to support an incredible cause.  

Year after year, the Gravity Rally team brings you a unique experience that is unmatched in the rally world... supporting the FIGHT AGAINST CANCER!!! We hope you are ready for another incredible adventure! Three cities, with some of the most prolific and scenic roads in between that our country has to offer, will provide the foundation of your greatest memories. Prepare to be left in awe at the vehicles, the picturesque drives and settings, extravagant accommodations, lively activities, delectable cuisine, and surprises along the way. Whether you are a returning Gravity Rally family, or joining us for the first time, it is always about the participants and the lifelong friendships the rally generates that will have you coming back for more.

Join us Wednesday, October 16th - Saturday, 19th 2024, as we set off on our fourth annual cancer awareness rally to support the fight against cancer. Proceeds Benefit American Cancer Society.  

Kick Off Party: Knoxville, TN - Wednesday, October 16th, 2024
This year we're doing the best of Tennessee! Beginning our incredible Cancer Awareness Rally in Knoxville, TN at The Tennessean Hotel! Where teams will check in and enjoy luxury accommodations at the beautiful Tenneseean hotel. Gravity Rally kickoff party will be hosted at Five Thirty Rooftop Lounge where we'll enjoy dinner, drinks, picturesque views, and bask in the final anticipation of the adventure ahead. 

Day 1: Knoxville, TN - Thursday, October 17th, 2024
With engines roaring through Knoxville the curated driving route takes us to some of the most incredible Appalachian Mountain roads with cool air and picturesque views before arriving to our private mountain closure! THAT'S RIGHT WE SHUT DOWN A MOUNTAIN FOR A HILL CLIMB! Enjoy a closed roadway that cars will scream up one by one at whatever pace you're comfortable at! Whether you're an experienced driver or a novice enjoying the comfort of a closed roadway you can fly to the top! We'll leave our thrilling hill climb in the rear-view mirror and head back to Knoxville, TN where we'll enjoy a second night at The Tennessean Hotel. Kick back, relax, and enjoy a catered dinner selection at Ruth Chris Steakhouse overlooking The Tennessee River for the evening!

Day 2: Nashville, TN - Friday, October 18th, 2024
Pack your flannels and blue jeans because we're headed to the music city capital of the US Nashville, TN! We'll leave Knoxville, TN in our rearview mirrors and head west towards Nashville. Along the way we'll enjoy some of the best Appalachian Mountain roads before arriving to luxury accommodations at the Westin Nashville. Enjoy an incredible night on Broadway street. Dance the night away, enjoy a catered dinner, and drinks.

Day 3: Chattanooga, TN Saturday, October 19th, 2024
The final day of our Cancer Awareness Rally 2024 with engines roaring we'll say goodbye to Nashville, TN and head south to Chattanooga, TN. With a later morning start day three will be another ultimate fast paced adventure enjoying more amazing roads and views of the Appalachian Mountains. We'll arrive in Chattanooga, TN and enjoy luxury accommodations at The Westin Chattanooga. Enjoy one final night together with catered dinner, drinks, and awards dinner in Roy McDonald Jr Ballroom & Patio. 

Limited to 40 teams.


Your entry fee of $3,750 provides full access to the Gravity Rally Cancer Awareness Rally 2023 experience for you, and one (1) vehicle. Plus, the following: (No Co-pilot)

Your entry fee of $4,250 provides full access to the Gravity Rally Cancer Awareness Rally 2023 experience for you and your co-pilot, and one (1) vehicle. Plus, the following: 

$1,500 deposits available. Remaining due September 1st , 2024.

Note: Rally participant must be 21+ for resort check-in.

  • 4 days / 4 nights.
  • Approximately 800 miles & 16+ check points.
  • 4/5* luxury hotels & resorts. Includes 2 nights The Tennessean Hotel, Westin Nashville, and Westin Chattanooga.
  • Street closures.
  • Private mountain closure & hill climb.
  • Public launch parties.
  • Catered food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • Open bar events & private dinner parties.
  • VIP access to nightlife
  • Custom Colored Decal livery options.
  • Secured parking every night
  • Professional videography & photography.
  • Rally swag... Shirts, hats, jackets, and many other gifts.
  • Personal concierge service
  • Donation to American Cancer Society.
  • Assistance with vehicle shipping & storage are available.
  • More surprises TBA

More information to come. All details subject to change.

Interested in joining Gravity Rally Cancer Awareness Rally? Click here to request an invite

* Payments are non-refundable as your rooms/decals/apparel all require upfront payment and are ordered once payment is received. You are permitted to sell your spot and transfer it to another individual if you are unable to attend.